〈MARUI-IMAI〉 products of Hokkaido food select shop KITA KITCHEN [Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store aurora town products of Hokkaido food select shop KITA KITCHEN]

Sapporo Main Store topics

Products of Hokkaido food select shop [KITA KITCHEN] which prepared food which we who lived in 〈MARUI-IMAI〉 products of Hokkaido food select shop KITA KITCHEN Hokkaido wanted to eat every day. We send taste and relief of Hokkaido to everyday dining table.


Aurora town shop
Special event information of October

Sapporo [hermitage with long life] Horokanai new side sale

■Until Tuesday, October 2

We cultivate without using pesticides and chemical fertilizer and process reliable soba tea, dried noodles which we were particular about safely. We sell bright yellow and Horokanai soba using side and buckwheat flour from Horokanai which made soba tea characterized by fragrant flavor and Hokkaido tartary buckwheat raw materials which roasted tartary buckwheat buckwheat's seed of our restaurant pride.

Ozora-cho [higashimokoto dairy products building] natural cheese sale

■Until Tuesday, October 2

[higashimokoto dairy products building] produces dairy product, and it sells natural cheese in countryside where the foot of Mokoto mountain having the top in Akan National Park spreads through.
Please try natural cheese which made fresh milk brought up by rich natural environments of Ozora-cho to raw materials carefully one by one at by all means this opportunity.

Seafood fair of Rishirifuji-cho [north seas food product] Rishiri

■From Wednesday, October 3 to 9th Tuesday

Northern part of Hokkaido, Rishiri Island which is adjacent to Wakkanai are called treasure house of seafood among Nature. We introduce delicacy using seafood with full of umami flavor from Rishiri. Please enjoy seafood of Rishiri that Nature brought up.

Miso pickles sale of Taiki-cho [Tamuraya] cheese

■From Wednesday, October 3 to 9th Tuesday

Specialty store [Tamuraya] of miso pickles. We lay emphasis on original product development using local specialty in factory in Taiki-cho of Hokkaido.
Mainly on miso pickles of mozzarella cheese of representative product from Tokachi, we have unique cheese pickled with miso including fresh system, semi-hardware system. You can have more deliciously by putting together with alcohol including wine you like.

Suttu-cho [circle Toshi Yoshino store] marine products artefact sale

■From Wednesday, October 10 to 16th Tuesday

It produces original product and, in [circle Toshi Yoshino store] in Ryoshimachi, Suttu-cho, sells salmon of cold wind tower airing. In addition, we run restaurant of fried oyster called "oyster hut" in the same site, and production sells artefact of truth oyster. Therefore cooked "olives marinade truth oyster" was chosen by north high grade food S of 2018. We sell dance kashigi kio of Shirasu this time because "olives marinade oyster" and Suttu are production centers of Hokkaido's best Shirasu.

Ham sausage sale of the Sapporo [shierukyutie] restaurant chef training

■From Wednesday, October 10 to 16th Tuesday

We sell ham sausage of German Style which restaurant chef using Hokkaido SPF pork handcrafts. "Aged char-grilled bacon" which is representative product is made for a little over one month and it is delicious, but it is raw and can just enjoy even if we bake and eat. In addition, as you offer a lot, please drop in.

Noboribetsu-shi [Fujisaki wasabi garden] wasabi artefact sale

■From Wednesday, October 17 to 23rd Tuesday

In Noboribetsu Onsen, we sell cultivation, processing wrinkle rust pickles with wasabi [Fujisaki wasabi garden]. It takes two and a half years at the earliest, and Wasabi is cultivated from cultivation to crop for trouble time for trouble time. Other than basic drawstring bag Wasabizuke, we introduce popular wasabi artefact this time in Noboribetsu Onsen.

Bihoro-cho [Maroua noodle making] new wheat fair

■From Wednesday, October 17 to 23rd Tuesday

We send product using new wheat from Bihoro-cho [Maroua noodle making] near the Sea of Okhotsk. Bihoro product produced in hometown "is full of hidechan wheat in spring" and introduces original ramen which used o, rich drying udon to form on, bread of [powder studio kansuke]. As soup broil with soy side using limited dehidecha wheat sells dry pasta matching both Japanese and Western other than new sale, please enjoy product using new wheat at this opportunity.

Suttu-cho [we serve and come Namba store] student foods boiled in soy sale to cook, and to inform

■From Wednesday, October 24 to 30th Tuesday

Of beautiful shoreline linking Otaru to Hakodate almost middle, Ryoshimachi "Suttu" facing the Sea of Japan. We are blessed with magnificent nature, and Gulf of Suttu where wave is calm is known throughout the year as treasure house of rich seafood. It is specialties of Suttu and sells foods boiled in soy which cook live, and inform almost drawing card product of [we serve and come Namba store] this time. Please appreciate plump taste softly with moisture.

Pick off Shiraoi-cho [window]; bean jam rice cake sale

■Wednesday, October 24

Popular [window] opens a store every month in Shiraoi-cho that became annual only in 1st. We make lineup from Western confectionery to Japanese confectionery widely. The most popular bean jam rice cake, please appreciate traditional simple taste.
※Sale plans start from about 11:30 a.m.
※It is finished as soon as we disappear. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Iwamizawa-shi [patisserie sky incense] sweets sale

■From Thursday, October 25 to 30th Tuesday

We opened in Iwamizawa in June in 2017 [patisserie sky incense (sky or)].
We prepare discerning sweets into local raw materials. We colored sweets using rice flour and, in substitution for wheat, offered wealthily. To rice flour, we finished to smooth sweets which did not let you feel quality of being weight and a powder of rice flour by original combination using "Oborozuki" from Iwamizawa. Please try at this opportunity.

Shintotsukawa-cho [Obatake butcher's shop] organ meat hotpot, Jingisukan sale

■From Wednesday, October 31 to Tuesday, November 6

As for popular giblet hotpot set, two kinds of beef hormone becomes good bargain set that closes, and was accompanied by two meals of no ramen using products of Hokkaido wheat to soup for pan every time. As for the soup, soup of chicken soup stock-based soy sauce flavor debuts other than taste that pork bones-based pepper worked for this time! In addition, as you offer seasoning Jingisukan or raw lamb, please drop in by all means at this opportunity.

Sapporo [fattoriabio Hokkaido] natural cheese sale

■From Wednesday, October 31 to Tuesday, November 6

Fresh milk of Hokkaido introduces fresh fresh cheese which we made. [fattoriabio Hokkaido] calls craftsman together in Japan from south Italy to have Japanese all of you enjoy full-scale fresh cheese and brings in Italian cheesemaking machine, and fresh cheese produces the Italian manufacturing methods in just fresh milk.

Bakery Select

Aurora town shop
Corner "bakery select" which attracted delicious bread of HOKKAIDO bakery.
Including bakery of each day-limited branch, we send bread of various popular shops every day.
Branch bakery changes every day.

Niseko-cho [depths soil farm stone kiln bread studio]

Ozora-cho [buranjieanju]

Sapporo [Lafontaine]

Ishikari-shi [Princess Sarah CRU]

Ishikari-shi [wheat native]

Sapporo [tane lab]

Sapporo [Lafontaine]

Takikawa-shi [panettone]

Takikawa-shi [burotohaimuberuku]

Obihiro-shi [Kotobukiya]

Ishikari-shi [Princess Sarah CRU]

Obihiro-shi [Kotobukiya]

Furano-shi [boulangerie rafi]

Sapporo [tane lab]

Takikawa-shi [panettone]

Noboribetsu-shi [boulangerie heart]

[other bakeries]

■From every Wednesday to Sunday
Sapporo [fuwamochi residence]

■From every Tuesday to Sunday
Iwamizawa-shi [powder studio kansuke]

Sapporo [Boulanger Lela FONTAINE]

La FONTAINE of Toyohira-ku Hiragishi aims at bread which is kind to discerning body to products of Hokkaido ingredients. We realize the softness and good storable duration without using discerning additives and preservatives for aging for low temperature long time.

●Month, Wednesday

Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun [depths soil farm stone kiln bread studio]

At the foot of Mount Yotei, we bake bread in handmade stone kiln. It features simple taste that arranged German bread into base. We use thing which materials harvested as much as possible at company farm in use of natural yeast.

●On Monday

Ozora-cho, Abashiri-gun Memanbetsu [buranjieanju]

Including wheat from hometown, we bake bread which blessing of the earth of Okhotsk including fruit, vegetables, milk, spring is rich in carefully.

●On Monday

Ishikari-shi [Princess Sarah CRU]

We use cultivation, wheat (in spring shiningly) and rye which we harvested at organic farm of Ishikari plains. As we use wheat, rye, brown rice as whole grain, dietary Fiber, vitamin minerals is rich.

●Fire, Friday

Ishikari-shi [wheat native]

Local wheat from Ishikari uses Hokkaido wheat to base for "love spring". Water, salt, powder and the low temperature long time aging. We provide at reasonable price.

●On Tuesday

Sapporo [tane-lab (seed laboratory)]

We raise yeast from various ingredients, and egg, dairy product (use of some cheese yoghurt), refined sugar keeps bread, roast confectionery making that drew taste of yeast and powder in mind without using.

●Fire, Saturday

Iwamizawa-shi [powder studio kansuke]

Bakery well-established in Iwamizawa having been continued since 40 years ago. We change to Hokkaido wheat for approximately 25 years and repeat trial and error and continue up to the present day. Please appreciate bread which single-minded, very earnest character of storekeeper was crystallized into.

●Fire - Sunday

Takikawa-shi [panettone]

As for [panettone] of Takigawa, JA flour from takikawa uses "it is rich in spring". Material such as vegetables or fruit draws umami flavor of bread in natural yeast which let you ferment slowly using thing from hometown, too.

●Water, Sunday

Sapporo [fuwamochi residence]

Doughnut and bagel of [fuwamochi residence] are made using discerning raw materials such as natural yeast or Hokkaido wheat carefully to give sticky texture light. Please enjoy doughnut, bagel which are full of All-Rounder.

●Water - Sunday

Takikawa-shi [burotohaimuberuku]

[burotohaimuberuku] of Takikawa-shi uses Hull Yutaka from takikawa and we make bread which keeps local production for local consumption in mind, and made use of seasonal ingredients and are.

●On Thursday

Obihiro-shi [Kotobukiya store]

They were born in Tokachi, and [Kotobukiya store] raised in Tokachi is founded in 1950. Using 100% Tokachi wheat, we send particular taste to tradition while being particular about the manufacturing method thoroughly.

●Thursday and Friday

Furano-shi [buranjierirafi]

In 2013, we opened in Furano [buranjierirafi]. It produces "we want to spread culture of bread to Daichi of Furano" mainly on hardware bread which does not root in concept very much in this area.

●On Saturday

Noboribetsu-shi [boulangerie heart]

Bakery in residential area of Noboribetsu. Danish using fruit and bread, bread of hard system of homemade natural yeast are recommended.

●On Sunday


We were introduced in Ms.OOJA satapan "OOJA - BEER STYLE".

■For Saturday, September 22 broadcast

Smoked (nothing) 540 yen cold storage of Iwamizawa [the smoked Ichikawa shop main office] onion

Aurora town shop, Shinsapporo Store, Asahikawa Store

We were introduced in Ms.OOJA satapan "OOJA - BEER STYLE".

■For Saturday, September 29 broadcast

Smoked Camembert cheese (120 g) 864 yen refrigeration that Abira-cho [citizen of dream building] came for already

Aurora town shop, Shinsapporo Store, Asahikawa Store, New Chitose Airport Store

We were introduced in Ms.OOJA satapan "OOJA - BEER STYLE".

■For Saturday, October 6 broadcast

Hakodate [ability door foods] NutsKo (Natsuko) (70 g) 636 yen

Aurora town shop, Shinsapporo Store, Asahikawa Store, New Chitose Airport Store

We were introduced in Ms.OOJA satapan "OOJA - BEER STYLE".

■For Saturday, October 13 broadcast

Otaru [bug-eyed person Kurihara Kamaboko restaurant] corner grill (nothing) 700 yen

Aurora town shop, Asahikawa Store

We were introduced in Ms.OOJA satapan "OOJA - BEER STYLE".

■For Saturday, October 20 broadcast

Smoked Shihoro [as soon as we work inn] chicken lever (one bag) 497 yen cold storage

Aurora town shop

We were introduced in Ms.OOJA satapan "OOJA - BEER STYLE".

■For Saturday, October 27 broadcast

Naganuma [rakunyuhinkobo which Naganuma loves] motchimochi - zu (60 g) 368 yen cold storage

Aurora town shop, Shinsapporo Store, Asahikawa Store, New Chitose Airport Store


Delicious product of Hokkaido where KITA KITCHEN recommends to with confidence

Prettiness preeminence of appearance!
Cheese which enjoys Change of flavor

Cheese that appearance that covered with colorful dried fruit is bright. When time passes, flavor of dried fruit soaks into cheese, and in flavor different again. Other than sweets to snacks of liquor.

Niseko-cho [Niseko cheese studio]
Snow [sekka] dried fruit
(150 g) 1,296 yen

Cold storage ※Shelf-life: It is 30th in cold storage

Wonderful contest of wonderful encounter taste and sharp taste of salmon and kimchi!

By the skill made with kimchi more than 40 years, Balance of taste of salmon and taste of vegetables is exquisiteness. It is kimchi needing many fans. It is good to not only snacks of liquor but also attendant of rice!
※Use of Atlantic salmon

Yuni-cho [kunio] salmon kimchi (250 g) 1,080 yen

Freezing ※Shelf-life: It is 90 days by freezing

Well-established taste that is loved for flavor of cinnamon and refined sweetness 40 years

On the surface of diced spherical doughnut, it is cinnamon and sugar. When divide into two, moist taste is good among them; go, and bean jam is plentiful. It is taste loved with refined sweetness and flavor of cinnamon more than 40 years.

Yubari-cho [rabbit] cinnamon doughnut (with six) 519 yen

※Shelf-life: 7th

Pancake that local famous confection butter loved in Takigawa is fragrant

Local famous confection which anyone knows in hometown. Is white anno baked confectioneries of wet texture, but in aftertaste flavor of butter slightly. White angatappuri of sweetness that is refined in skin softly of butter and flour.

Takigawacho [okada kakoho] mommoo (one box, with ten) 1,512 yen

※Shelf-life: 35 days

We are surprised at condensation degree of taste! White mold supports aging

We are brought up by pasturage and use "mud pig" shipped after long fatting period than general pork. Not only there is not merely soft habit, but also the taste overflows in delicacy and strength. White mold lets salami mature and brings about unique flavor and taste.

Obihiro-shi [rancho El Paso]
White salami (60 g) 648 yen

Cold storage ※Shelf-life: It is 30th in cold storage

Smoking whole with fresh sweet shrimp from Yoichi

We season fresh sweet shrimp unloaded in the morning in Yoichi Port only with salt and are smoked on the day. Please enjoy thick sweetness of sweet shrimp, bittersweetness of prawns miso, harmony with kusuburiko.

Yoichi-cho [south reservation Taro store]
Smoked sweet shrimp (40 g) 972 yen

※Shelf-life: 31st ※Sale plan from April through January

Wheat flour, butter, milk is from Biei! Crunchy texture that is full of flavors

One one is handmade craftsman of sorting fruits Biei. We finished baguette which we made with butter and milk in light texture and rusk of texture that we did quickly without using water.

Biei-cho [Biei wheat studio] bieino rusk (with 12 pieces) 775 yen

※Shelf-life: 50 days

New noted product of Kushiro!

We remove bone and we pick up on mixed rice which blended sticky rice with products of Hokkaido rice and roll up autumn saury from Eastern Hokkaido which we pickled to secret sauce. If green shiso is fresh; in accent.

Kushiro-shi [gyomatsurigoto] 1,599 yen to remain (two)

Freezing ※Shelf-life: It is 60 days by freezing


Aurora town shop

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Shinsapporo Store

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Asahikawa Store

Place: 7-2-5, Miyashitadori, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido Aeon Mall Asahikawa station square 1F
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We send taste of Hokkaido to everyday dining table.

New Chitose Airport Store

Place: Shin-Chitose Airport domestic airline passenger terminal complex second floor
Open: From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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Please select a new taste of Hokkaido as a souvenir.