Inquiry [Marui Imai inquiry]

Marui Imai


For opinions and questions about Marui Imai, please inquire by E-mail or phone call.

  • Please understant that there would be the case it takes a while to respond due to holidays.
  • Also we would not be able to respond depending on the content.
  • There might be the case we cannot send responce because of the defference of environment setting. In that case, we might try to contact by another way except for e-mail. If you do not mind, we would like you to register your address and telephone numer.
  • The opinions and questions we have got from customers is to be utilized for the communication between Marui Imai and customers, we will not use in other purpose.
  • The personal information that you had registered has been protected by SSL enciphered communication.

Inquiry over telephone

Make a phone call to the following phone number.

In addition, the inquiry over the telephone should be during the business hours.
Please see page of each shop about business hours.