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Night is 15 degrees Celsius. What do you wear today?

Day to become slightly cold, and to feel winter sign at night is ...
We are troubled every day what we should wear in this season.
There should be little failure to "be cold!" if we coordinate with haori thing to temperature.
We introduce mix-and-match coordinates that night temperature matched this time in season of around 15 degrees Celsius using 3 Item of "parker" "cardigan" "jacket".

Gray parker

Gray Parker who is easy to put one which is recommended to casual group together.
Of course it is convenience Item to be able to mix-and-match in total under down vest and the jacket for haori if it becomes cold.


Parker (melange slab Terry)
Item that is free to do wearing for both haori and inner.
It is thin and, in silky comfort, can wear in jacket and leather, blouson. Patch of elbow becomes more attractive by dressing well in conjunction with down vest. Recommended Item that temperature wants to wear since around 15 degrees Celsius.

Parker 25,920 yen (tax-included)
S, M L, 77% cotton, 23% polyester, other cloth artificial leather, gray navy

■Ichijo Building 5F [JOSEPH HOMME]

If we match with clean white shirt and are refreshing.

It can inflect as inner if it becomes colder.

○Down vest (cloth 60% cotton, 40% nylon / lining 100% polyester / insulation 90% down, 10% feather according to S M, L/ outer material 100% nylon / boa 59% wool, 24% polyester, 17% nylon /) 42,120 yen (tax-included)

○Shirt (S M, L/ 97% cotton, 3% polyurethane) 16,200 yen (tax-included)

○Pants (S M, L/ outer material 61% wool, 23% nylon, 16% polyester / lining 100% polyester) 27,000 yen (tax-included)

○Rucksack (artificial leather) 34,560 yen (tax-included)

○Daypack (cowhide) 35,640 yen (tax-included)

Shawl collar cardigan

It is shawl collar cardigan to be recommended let alone casual scene when we are scattered a little and want to show.
Neck creates calm atmosphere.

[23ku HOMME]

Shawl collar cardigan using Web in Italy.
In the finish rich by W Might of both sides knitting using Web of color different in the right side and the wrong side. When it is chilly, it is cardigan which it is easy to match with shirt and cut-and-sew.

Cardigan 25,920 yen (tax-included)
40-50, 91% wool, 7% nylon, 2% polyurethane, Bordeaux navy

■Ichijo Building 4F [23ku HOMME]

Cut-and-sew and holiday Style which is not affected in total.

We put shirts together and are adult-like.

○Shirt (100% Cotton, 46-50) 16,200 yen (tax-included)

○Pants (89% cotton, 9% polyester, 2% polyurethane, 46-52) 20,520 yen (tax-included)

○Cut-and-sew (100% Cotton, 46-50) 14,040 yen (tax-included)

○Denim (85% cotton, 11% polyester, 4% polyurethane, 46-52) 20,520 yen (tax-included)

○Sneakers (former materials cowhide, bottom materials artificial leather, 25-27cm) 31,320 yen (tax-included)

Dark blue blazer

It is navy blazer not to be able to miss in Trad group. They are scattered, and, let alone Style, coordinates full of playfulness that we matched with bow tie and sweater are recommended!

[Brooks Brothers]

Blazer using cloth for CANONICO which we are shiny, and there is sense of quality.
On the small side, standard, model of 3 pattern which we matched with figure relaxedly are equal. Excellent Item that can conjugate in 3 seasons except summer.

Blazer 74,520 yen (tax-included)
36 short - 44 regulars, 100% wool, navy KOLOR 2

■Ichijo Building 3F [Brooks Brothers]

hazu sanai royal road Style.

Sensitivity up good with bow tie and white sweater!

○Shirt (100% Cotton) 20,520 yen (tax-included)

○Checkered shirt (100% Cotton) 17,280 yen (tax-included)

○Tie (100% of silk) 12,960 yen (tax-included)

○Bow tie (52% of silk, 48% cotton) 9,720 yen (tax-included)

○Sweater (100% wool, S M L) 19,440 yen (tax-included)

○Pants (100% wool, lining 53% rayon, 47% of acetate, 29 inches - 38 inches) 28,080 yen (tax-included)

○Chino pants (98% cotton, 2% of span tex, 29 inches - 38 inches) 14,040 yen (tax-included)

How about?
This time when it is easy to break physical condition. In clothes which fitted temperature, we want to shift in just fall and winter.
Let's spend utilizing haori thing comfortably this autumn!

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